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Save the Princess

Be Crowned Hero

Oh no! Cat was out on one of her adventures and has been taken captive.
We need you to be the hero and save her. 

Save the princess, be crowned hero and earn many rewards along the way.

Open any play’n go slot and set off on your adventure.

How do I advance in my quest?
Everything you need to know is listed in the qualifying games.
Simply opt in to see the Missions.  

The Story

 Missions   Story Rewards
 Mission  1  Cat has been captured.  10 Free_Spins
 - Cat Wilde and the Doom of  Dead 
 Mission 2


What are we going to do? We need to go ask for help.


 10 Free_Spins
 - Fire joke
 Mission 3

 The joker has sent us to the Ice Joker to  Collect  the enchanted Ice Crystals.


 25 Free_Spins
 -  Ice Joker
 Mission 4


 Lets go forge these crystals into one powerful weapon.


 30 Free_Spins
 - The Sword and the Grail
 Mission 5


 Now it's time to take our sword and go kill the beast.


 40 Free_Spins
- Dragon Maiden
 Mission 6

 We are almost there, I can hear the princess. She must be over there. 


 60 Free_Spins
 - Tower quest
 Mission 7

 Nice job you found her! Now lets get her free and take her back home. 


 70 Free_Spins
 - Moon Princess
 Mission 8

 You did it! You saved the Cat. The princess is so thankful that you are her hero. Now lets head back to safety and indulge in a well earned celebration.


 80 Free_Spins
 - Shimmering Woods
 Mission 9

 Finally we made it back. The king is so thankful that you saved his daughter. He would like to have a big celebration for victory. 


 80 BIG Spins
 - Grimmuerto

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Valid from 27.04.21  - 28.04.21

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