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StickyWilds Level Up System

StickyWilds Casino Level Up Rewards System

StickyWilds Casino is proud to unveil its Level Up Rewards System which is offered to all of our players.

How does the StickyWilds rewards scheme work?

When you create an account, you will start off from the 1st Level. As you wager on games, the Rewards Progress Bar will increase. You can always check your current level as it is displayed in the left sidebar on the screen. 

Once you fill the Progress Bar, the Level Up is triggered  you will move up a level and receive great casino rewards such as bonus money and free spins.

  • Any game you play at StickyWilds will help fill the Level Bar - the more you bet the quicker it fills!
  • When the loyalty points power bar gets full, the Level Up is Activated.
  • Each Level Up brings you great rewards like Free Spins, Big Spins & Cash


Bigger Rewards on every 10th Level!

Each time you reach a tenth level, you will get higher value Free Spins, Big Spins and Cash rewards.

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